Diamond in the Bay Yoga

Diamond in the Bay Yoga is a boutique home yoga studio situated on High Street in Island Bay overlooking Tapu Te Ranga. The energy and landscape of the rugged coastline is stunning in itself. Tapu Te Ranga Island holds a very special and powerful healing energy.

Schamet has created a  beautiful, comfortable, yoga studio with the focus being a place where women can empower one another, heal, nurture, recharge, nourish, fill up ones cup, and strengthen mind, body, spirit and soul. Schamet believes  when our cup if full and overflowing then we have more to give to our family and to our community. Self care is not selfish. It is Integral and a necessary part of looking after our family in a healthy and powerful way.

Schamet teaches each Hatha and Chakra yoga class with a beautiful intention for the day, philosophy, pranayama, meditation,  and beautiful essential oils are used throughout the whole class. Be prepared to be pampered, looked after, and nourished.

Schamet was a massage therapist and energy healer for almost a decade and being an empath she knows the body/energy field on a deep intuitive level. Schamet incorporates some self massage techniques throughout the class as well as spends time activating a strengthening the core. Because Schamet was trained as a movement therapist and was a dancer she incorporates movement and flow into her style which is a point of difference. At the end of each class Schamet gives everyone a sound bath with her beautiful tibetan sound bowl.

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10 Trip class card $150
Essential Goddess Training with 10 trip class card $195