Manifesting An Abundant Life: Chakra Healing Event

Schamet Horsfield is a men and women’s wisdom workshop facilitator. She creates a lovely and beautiful space for women and men to empower, strengthen, support and explore self development topics as a wonderful way of healing the masculine and feminine spirit.

Currently Schamet holds Men and Woman’s Wisdom workshops Online in her Zoom Healing Room.  See link below to join her FREE online events!

Schamet’s intention is to create a fun, safe, supportive, spiritual group of men and women  who can come together in meditation, prayer, healing, share wisdom, and grow together deepening our connections with our intuition, our body, mind, soul, the earth, our higher self, and with each other.

Each workshop we will begin with a guided meditation, gratitude circle, and we will deepen our understanding about spiritual, health, wealth, and  topics that include empowerment, education about of body, mind, spirit, energy, tapping into our own innate wisdom, beliefs, manifesting, and with our tapping into our higher self.

A place where women and men come together and empower one another. If you love evolution, good energy, transformational healing, taking care of mother earth and want to be part of a supportive group of beautiful souls then this is a good place to come learn and grow.

FREE Online Chakra Healing Event this Sunday May 10th 4:00 NZST

Visit here to get your FREE Zoom link!

Manifest An Abundant Life Free Chakra Healing Event