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Journey through the chakras: 7 week chakra yoga series

7 week 90 minutes each sessions

drop in 90 min class $23

Chakra Yoga is a 7 week series Schamet developed called, “Journey through the Chakras” The Chakras are a map/blueprint that you can work with in your own body to create greater levels of awareness, healing, and personal transformation. We are all made up of energy and when we heal our energy we have the power to heal our lives. In this seven week series Schamet weaves together ancient vedic philosophy, story telling, visualization, meditation, pranayama, aromatherapy, chakra sound healing, and a series of specific chakra yoga asana. Schamet shares tools with you so you can become your own healer.

Private Chakra clearing/balancing session


Schamet is a healer and trained energy/light worker who’s focus is working with the energy body. Schamet clears and balances your chakras and also gives you the tools to do this for yourself. Because Schamet is clairvoyant sometimes messages come through. Schamet is gentle and respectful with her approach to healing and will always check in with you to make sure you are open to receive the message. Schamet also integrates sound healing and aromatherapy into the session.

Chakra Psychology, Art, Sound and Meditation Workshop

120 minutes

Would you like to learn more about how specifically
your own chakras are functioning? We will explore their charge and how their charge effects your energy, your life, relationships? And what you can do to balance them.
In this workshop we will delve deep and journey into each chakra, exploring and feeling into them with chakra meditation, psychology, chakra art, and sound.
Schamet Horsfield which is a Chakra Yoga and Energy healer will guide and assist you into each energy center. Schamet has just come back from Training with one of her main chakra teachers Anodea Judith. (Eastern Body, Western Mind).
This is a fun and informative workshop and you will leave with a deeper understanding of yourself, your energy, and will take home some beautiful chakra art too!

Manifest An Abundant Life Intuitive Private Session

60 min


When we are abundant we have access to all that we want to consciousely create. Whatever you are wanting to manifest in your life…Whether it is the partner of your dreams, a job you love, more inner peace, or more financial wealth….it comes from the same source. I have sucessfully been manifesting for over 20 years.Together like detectives we can intuitively explore your abundance blocks… let go of self limiting beliefs, and re-write your story the way you want to create it. One where you are living your authentic life making your dreams come true and abundance is your new way of being.

Goddess Rising Woman’s Wisdom Workshops

120 min


Women have been gathering in circles since the beginning of time to share experiences, stories, thoughts, ideas and prayers. Women’s wisdom workshops offer a fun and safe space for women of all ages and backgrounds to come together.  My intention is to give women from all walks of life a safe and strong community to share wisdom, connect, and empower each other. We meet up once a month around each full moon and explore a different topic each month.

Goddess Rising Apothecary Essential Oil Workshops

We meet around each new moon and talk about essential oils. Each month is a new topic. These are fun and informative as each month we explore a new topic.

Essentail oils for stress, self care, chakras, etc…. Workshop includes herbal tea, Schamet’s home made chocolates used with doTerra pure plant extracts, itovi essential oil scan, and essential oil blend made just for you! Schamet runs these workshops similar to her Goddess Rising Woman Circle….with focus on essential oils.


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