Workshop Information:

09 March Friday 7-9pm Intro: Free Evening “What is a Women’s Wisdom Workshop?”

Women have been gathering in circles since the beginning of time to share experiences, stories, thoughts, ideas and prayers. Women’s wisdom workshops offer a fun and safe space for women of all ages and backgrounds to come together. This first workshop will be a free evening introduction as well as a meet and greet. I will introduce myself and do an overview on the history of woman’s circles, and the intention of the ones I will be offering. My intention is to give you a lovely overview of what to expect from a woman’s wisdom circle and give you a good idea about future workshops that I will be facilitating for 2018. Come along as it will be fun!

23 March Friday 7-9pm Food, Mood, Medicine “Re-writing our food story.”

In this workshop we will explore our relationship with food and the focus will be, “Food as medicine”. We will cover food topics like, nutrition, food allergies, our relationship with food, and how food effects us emotionally, physically, and spiritually. We will do some group process work and re-write our food story.

27 April Friday 7-9pm Getting the body you want, Naturally. 

Learn natural and magical ways that really work to get the body you want. Schamet will teach you how to manifest and give you a step by step pathway to create that dream body you have always wanted. In the last workshop we explored the concept that food can be medicine or a poison. This workshop builds upon that information and takes it to the next level. We are more than what we eat….We are also what we think.

25 May Friday 7-9pm Emotions and Stress Management

We are what we think so if we keep thinking negative thoughts this energy sits in our body and can wreak havoc to not only our body, and mind but also to our nervous system.This will be a very rewarding and helpful workshop as Schamet will pass on breathing techniques, movement, and intentional thought process work that can help shift the energy when stress and negative emotion arise. This will be a workshop not to miss.

29 June Friday 7-9pm Immunity and Wellness 

We know and understand we are what we eat and we are what we think so now lets explore how this effects our immunity and wellness. We will learn more about gut health and how our emotions effect immunity. We will be learning some self massage techniques as well as visualization, and healing techniques that promote well being and can also boost immunity.

27 July The Art of Extreme Self Care 

This will be a fun, juicy, and playful class. Get ready to get intimate as we will be talking about boobs, bodies, and how to bring more passion into your life. If you are already tapped into your passion  please bring it, share it, and I will help you know how to use that energy to heal, grow, and channel that energy into creativity, passion and purpose.

24 August Intro to Chakras, Energy, and Healing 

We have explored the power of the mind, the body, emotions, and how to take care of our physical vessel…which leads us to the energy body. One of my absolute favorite workshops! We will delve into your 7 chakras and I will teach you a simple and effective meditation to ground your energy, clear your chakras and connect you deeper to your higher self, and connect you to a more expansive field of energy.

21 September The Law of Attraction 

We are all made up of energy and the energy that we are is what we attract. Now this may sound like a bunch of woo woo, hippy, dippy, spiritual nonsense to you but I’m here to tell you it is true whether you want to believe it or not. Most people go around manifesting all sorts of drama unconsciously. The first step is becoming aware of your energy and when you are aware you can change your energy. When you change your energy you have the power to change what you attract. And when you realize you have the power to stop attracting what you do not want then you can also attract what you do want.

26 October The Law of Abundance

I have been co-creating and manifesting now for over 20 years effectively and I’m here to tell you it really works! In this workshop I will pass down my knowledge on how to get in the drivers seat of your life and consciously co-create the life you want to live.

23 November Animal Totem Medicine.

I have always been very connected to the energy of animals and the healing energy that they bring. And because I am native american I do feel very tuned into the wisdom and power of the animal and insect world. I will show you how to tune into the beautiful energy, and medicine that they bring. I will also assist you in discovering what your totem animal is. Its all a bit fun especially if you are an animal lover.

21 December The path of the Healer “When you heal yourself you heal the world.”

We now know that we are energy and we can co-create the life we want to live. What next? Once you are riding upon your own magic carpet and you are making your dreams come true there becomes this greater awareness that there is something more to it all. Something bigger than just you and what you want or need.In this workshop we will explore the higher realms of soul purpose, divine intelligence, and destiny. Just in time for Christmas which is the giving season. It is time to give back which is the natural cycle of life. We will learn healing techniques to bring to our family, friends, community, and to planet earth.

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