Essential oils

Essential Oils have always been an important part of my life. Being a massage therapist I used them for relaxation, calming the nervous system, but mainly I used them for their aromatic healing properties.

However, the introduction to Do Terra food grade therapeutic quality oils has completely expanded and blown my mind. I am now experiencing essential oils on a whole new level. I have completely fallen in love with do Terra’s pure plant magic.

What really got my attention was Oregano oil.

My son had 8 huge warts on his hands that we battled with for almost 2 years. I tried everything, all sorts of medicine from the chemist, old wives tales like nail polish, duct tape, and even took him to the doctor and had them frozen off only for them to come back bigger!

I had given up until my yoga teacher recommended I use my Oregano oil. I laughed and did not believe it would work but was desperate enough to try it and to my amazement not only did it work and they were all gone in one month with no scars but 5 months later they have not come back and I have noticed his immune system is stronger too.

I have since been using Oregano oil internally as a way to ward off getting sick and it has been very successful. I put a drop or two in a big pot of bone broth chicken soup and it tastes lovely. In fact I have dodged getting sick this winter thanks to my friend Oregano!

A much better way to explain these oils is pure plant extracts. They are very, very powerful.

These pure plant extracts are magic in a bottle and have helped assist me with:

healing and getting rid of warts completely (I feel that the virus is healed)

strengthened immune system

healing my skin from adult acne

increased energy levels

stress reduction

increased energy levels and vitality

emotional balance

calming my nervous system

clear and radiant skin

better digestion

helping me eat and drink healthier foods

assisted me with cutting out alcohol and making better food choices

…and they smell and feel energetically better than any oil I have ever experienced. They resonate at a very high vibration!

If you can imagine that the flower of the plant is its immunity than you can understand when we take in the immunity of a wild organic orange for example how this can help boost our immunity.

doTerra means gift of the earth


I feel completely blessed and grateful to have this kind of gift in my life. I feel empowered to be able to reach for what I need on a daily basis that not only helps me but also helps my whole family. I truly do feel like a medicine woman. My children have their own medicinal remedies next to their bed that they roll onto their feet at night that helps with restful sleep, keep nits at bay, promotes a healthy  immune function as well and they are learning how to care for themselves which I feel is a very powerful thing to teach my children.

You can buy essential oil remedies, chakra oil blends, lip balm, natural deodorant here:

I am a healer, medicine woman, and advocate for helping others help and heal themselves. I use the oils and they help me and so I then want to share them so everyone feels great too! I am also a rep for do Terra so I can help others to get these pure plant extracts for wholesale prices like I do.

I tested several companies against each other because  I can’t promote a product or company and say it is the best if I’m not 100% sure it is. I strongly feel that do Terra is the best company in the world and their essential oils are by far superior to all other essential oils I have come across.

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Why are doTerra oils the best essential oils on the planet?


Anyone, who smells doTerra oils can immediately tell that the aroma is exceptional. I personally found their lavender to be the best lavender I have ever smelled in my life. I was blown away by how heavenly it smells.

But its not that they just smell the best…they are the best because doTerra sources their essential oils from where the plant indigenous is grown and from where the plant best thrives due to humidity, soil condition, and sustainability practises.

For example: rather than laying down lavender farms all over Utah doTerra sources lavender from the high alps of France, and Bulgaria.

And because the essential oil is the immunity of the flower of the plant…and it comes from where it best thrives then just think about what it can do for your immunity.

doTerra sources their essential oils from over 40 nations.

Here is a list of a few…

Douglas Fir from New Zealand
Tea Tree and Eucalyptus from Australia
Lemon and Bergamot from Sicily
Cardamom from Guatemala
Frankincense from Somalia
Vetiver from Haiti
Oregano from Turkey
Wintergreen from Nepal
Ylang Ylang from Madagascar
Lemongrass from Southern India
Ylang Ylang from Madagascar

It just gets better….

This gives me a whole new level of appreciation to why these oils smell so incredible but it just gets better and better. I personally am very aware of the integrity of the company who produces the oils and the relationship’s with community is very important to me. The more and more I found out about doTerra the more and more I fell in love. The oils are better than organic and here is why:

Rigorous testing assures the presence of desired therapeutic qualities
Third party testing guarantees absence of toxins, contaminants and microorganisms
Purity of oils guarantees no negative side effects or drug interactions
essential oils contain No herbicides, No pesticides, No fillers and No carrier oils…
just 100% pure plant magic from Mother Nature,
And all essential oils are tested by a third party.
Co-impact sourcing
Fair trade (more than fair trade)
Healing Hands Foundation

I strongly feel that you get what you pay for. I feel good investing my money into my health and wellness for myself and my family as you cant put a price on this. I not only trust that I’m getting the best pure plant medicine, but that money then goes towards supporting other communities that really need our support. DoTerra not only has co-impact farming, and fair trade, but also has a healing hands foundation that helps communities in need. This company has integrity, and a beautiful giving heart. I feel this also effects the vibration of the products they produce. I love the company, I love, the product and am extremely passionate about sharing them. So much that I’m now part of the DoTerra team and family. If you want to know more, get doTerra oils at wholesale prices, need guidance about what to order, how to get started, want to host a class, want to join our team, or are interested in doing what I do please get in touch and I am more than happy to help.

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