I specialize in working with the chakras and the energy field. I am an intuitive light worker and intuitive life coach. I facilitate healing, balancing, clearing, and help you decode what is your “energy blocks” so you can make more informed choices, have greater awareness, find freedom through movement, and flow with river of life with mindfulness, love, grace, true power, joy, clarity, and live your life path with purpose, powerfully.


I help assist you so you can be in the driver seat of your life, make your dreams come true, and be in the full power of who you are. One of my super powers is manifesting abundance. I would be happy to help you find your “abundance blocks” (self defeating belief systems), so that you can “rewrite” your story so it is working for you and not against you. I am happy to help assist in empowering you so YOU can make your dreams come true and live your most abundant life….on all levels.


I am a trained energy/light worker who’s focus is working with the energy body and chakras. In the session I can feel into your chakras and let you know what I see/feel so that you may have greater awareness of what may be blocking you. I also facilitate healing/clearing of each chakra and also give you the tools to do this for yourself. Sometimes messages come through as I am clairivoyant.  I am gentle and respectful with my approach to healing and will always check in with you to make sure you are open to receive the message that comes through.

I am sorry for any inconvenience but my family and I have recently moved from Wellington, New Zealand to Stockholm, Sweden. I will not be seeing clients until life is settled here in Sweden. I’m not certain on dates yet but I will post when ready. You are welcome to sign up for my newsletter to receive info about chakras, healing, and more information. I have also postponed this years Bali Chakra Retreat for next year, June 2021