“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality”

-Albert Einstein

  • Align to Your Soul Path Purpose
  • Find Clarity and Strengthen Your Intuition
  • Let go of Limiting Self Beliefs
  • Remove Abundance Blocks & Raise Your Vibration
  • Learn Powerful Manifesting Tools
  • Learn the tools so you can Consciously Create the Life of Your Dreams
  • Learn about your chakra system in depth and learn tools to balance and heal your chakras.

The Chakra system is a map of the human energy field.
There are 7 main chakras that relate to different regions, organs, nerve clusters, meridians, emotions, thought patterns, and human consciousness.
The chakra’s are also called condensing chambers and can be used as powerful tools to work with in order to consciously manifest on purpose.
Schamet is a Master at manifesting her vision into reality and will be teaching you step by step how to manifest the life of your dreams using the chakra system.
Intensive 7 week DEEP DIVE Manifestation Course. Investment cost is only $395 NZD Early Bird special Now till 1 st of April. To reserve you spot deposit $395 by bank transfer:

Schamet Horsfield  01-0546-0393256-00

For International payments:Online bookings via pa pal : https://schamethorsfield.as.me/www.diamondinthebay.co.nzPlease put manifest and your name in details.
Workshop includes, 2 hour live online workshops each week for 7 weeks, weekly course material, and FB group support for the duration of the 7 week course as well as 1 private 45 min healing session with Schamet one on one.
Contact Schamet via FB messenger for more information:
To learn more about chakras and read Schamet’s blog https://schamethorsfield.blogspot.com/


Testimonial Reviews for Schamet Horsfields 7 Week  Manifesting An Abundant Life Worshop

Schamet has been blessed with an incredible gift for healing. Her ability to change peoples energy by merely being in her presence is undeniable and she is gracious in her enthusiasm and passion to help others. I found the Chakra Manifesting course to be centered around empowering people to empower themselves and for that reason such a course is a wonderful investment in self care. All within a safe space that Schamet facilitates. I experienced amazing transformation in some of my thinking patterns and am excited for the transformation to continue even though the course has ended. Because this course teaches tools, it is like planting seeds in your mind garden and learning how to nurture the plants as they sprout so that the abundance can continue long after the course has ended. A must do for those ready to work through some blocks and commit to their dreams. Thank you Schamet
~Natasha Armstrong (Change Agent & Goddess)
What an amazing privilege it was to meet Schamet and attend a chakra workshop yesterday. The unconditional love and nurture that was in that room from a wonderful group of women was incredible. It was, without exaggeration, life changing. I came away feeling at peace and yet fired up to move forward and face the work that I know I need to do. I will absolutely be attending other wokrshops with Schamet and the beautiful souls at Diamond in the Bay Yoga. xxx
~ Diana Wright Reflexologist
Schamet brings passion, knowledge and heart to her work. I have done her chakra yoga classes and really enjoyed the yoga and the beautiful space Schamet creates. Schamet has also helped me to shift perspective on a long standing issue in a private Chakra healing session – and – I learned how to make chocolates and use essential oils from her as well! Thanks Schamet for bringing this beautiful combination of mind, body, spirit work to us!
~Irena Stenner (Art Therapist)
I’ve attended Schamet’s Women’s Wisdom workshops and have had the pleasure of attending her Manifesting Abundance through the Chakras course. I’ve always felt really safe, empowered and positively challenged by her beautiful facilitation. I came across Schamet and her services at the perfect time when I was needing to connect with myself more and grow as a person. I couldn’t recommend Schamet enough, a beautiful healer with oodles of experience and wisdom to share.
~Sahra J Birtwistle (Youth Worker)

I highly recommend working with Schamet. I have been to her beautiful Cacao Ceremony’s, her one on one Chakra healing session and also her 7 week Manifesting Your Dream through the Chakras.
Through the 7 week Chakra workshop Schamet supported me, shared her wisdom, helped me feel more powerful and confident in who I am. I felt like I was in the right place. There is no judgment on who you are when you are in Schamet’s presence. It is a beautiful safe place to be.
She is a goddess, healing and teacher.
I’m so grateful that I found her online and got the chance to attend her workshops/circles.

~Rebecca Baddeley, Intamacy Coach

I took the plunge and booked my ticket to Bali for Schamet’s “ Manifesting Abundance Retreat.” I have always been hesitant about sharing in a group situation but I thought it was time! We arrived to the most beautiful resort. The setting was stunning and the staff were so totally genuine and caring. The food was amazing and they catered to each chakra! We started each day with yoga and then we did workshops throughout the day. I found the workshops challenging but they pushed me to open up and let me flourish. Schamet provided a beautiful safe environment for me to do that and she supported me every step of the way. I am so grateful to her for her strength and wisdom. I also learnt tools to keep moving forward when I got back to the routine of life. I sincerely recommend to anybody this life-changing retreat and you get to relax in the most beautiful resort!

~Nicola Barrett, Business owner, Beach House & Kiosk, Island Bay New Zealand