Schamet will be at Soul Food Café this Friday!!!

This Friday, Schamet Horsfield will give an introduction to what Awakening your Kundalini and Illuminating your chakras means, as well as an introduction to what Chakra Yoga is. She will guide people through meditation, visualization, pranayama, as well as some movement therapy, and yoga asana to activate each chakra energetically and physically. The yoga asana practice related to each physical location is associated with each chakra. She will also use sound healing and aromatherapy in the session.

The Journey Through the Chakras is her soul work that she has been teaching in Island Bay for this last year after receiving a message from her spirit guides that this was her life path work. She has many teachers… Her main teacher is Anodea Judith, Author of Wheels of Life. She is a co-heart at Sacred Centers and will be doing an immersion training with her this August in Boston, USA. Schamet’s work involves empowering, awakening, and uplifting people so that they can be co-creators of their own lives and make their dreams come true.

Her mission and purpose is to empower, inspire, ignite, heal, and bring Heaven to Earth.

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