Are you Intuitive? Do you have psychic abilities? Do you feel like you are a healer? Have you had premonition dreams?
Would you like to find out what your totem spirit animals are?
Do you want to find out what kind of abilities you have?

Do you want to explore and develop your spiritual gifts? Would you like to become more in touch with your intuition and become more clear?

In this Weekend intensive training we will dive deep into our psychic Centres…your chakras and aura and we will explore your gifts and abilities…what they are, and how to develop them so you can share them with the world with confidence, ease, and grace….bringing deeper healing to you and your community.

This weekend workshop intensive will give you an introduction and foundational understanding of metaphysics, which will help you know and understand your spiritual gifts.

This is the “next level” Journey through the Chakras work with me…if you have worked with me already and you want to go deeper then this is exactly what your after. If you have not worked with me before this will be a wonderful workshop to explore.

I had a HUGE download from the Universe… My spirit guides told me I need to activate and share this information with 7 aligned heart centered spiritual change agents in Wellington before I stop teaching in person….

If you have been wanting to work with me now is the time because as of this January I will be taking time off so I can finish writing my book, and I will be taking all of my workshops and training programs online this next year.

My private energy healing practice has become very busy. I will continue to see people privately for one on ones until Jan and this too will be offered online next year. I want to continue to activate and support all those who are also coming into their spiritual gifts by offering this training.

This weekend workshop will be first come first serve so book in quickly.

Schamet Horsfield

Investment in YOU only 245-
Schamet Horsfield
ANZ Account Number: 01-0546-0393256-00

Reference: Chakraweekend, and your surname please.

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