About Schamet Horsfield

I am first and foremost an intuitive, empathetic healer. This is a gift I was born with and I firmly believe when you heal your energy you can heal your life as this has been the biggest part of my healing path. I also believe everyone has intuitive gifts waiting to be activated!

Yoga and essential oils have been a very important part of my life for a little over 20 years. Yoga is a pathway I have always held very sacred and personal.

My yoga mat has been my own private magic carpet that I can get on and escape the responsibilities of life… I get on my mat and fly away to magical kingdoms where life is all about  what I need. (When one has children this time can become very rare.) A place to fill up my cup, nourish my soul and fuel my body. When my cup is full,  my body feels good, and my mind is at peace then I can re-enter the world and I have more to give to others. Finding time for me gives me more energy to give to my family.

Sacred Ceremony has been a very important part of my journey. I create and facilitate sacred ceremonies in my workshops and retreats. I run Self love and Self Marraige Ceremonies, and well as International Sacred Ceremonies Retreats/Workshops.

I went to one of the best integrated schools for the healing arts in the United States. East West school for the Healing Arts in Portland Oregon 20 years ago and then worked as a LMT and energy healer for over a decade. I had my own practice on the Terrace in Wellington and then was blessed to become one of Weta’s private therapists for 5 years. Which was a magical unfolding journey.

I have been on my own healing path for over 20 years and have studied with many incredible clairvoyant energy healers, shamans, and intuitive life coach practitioners which have helped me accept, understand, refine, and how to implement my gifts to help facilitate the healing path for those whom are ready.

Just a bit about my recent personal transformation… When my first son was born I developed nerve damage in my right foot and was not able to walk for over a month. I couldn’t walk barefoot for over 3 years without limping. Yoga is the practice that helped me recover and with a consistent practice my nerve pain is gone and I can dance barefoot on the beach again! I had also put on a lot of weight because of two caesarean births and felt like I had gone to seed as I felt terribly depressed. I felt lost and in some ways like life was not about me anymore. It was all about my children. On one hand that felt great…A certain freedom in life not being about me however I also felt like a part of me had died and somehow that did not feel right. On a deep soul level I knew I had more in this life time to do. I also had a huge amount of inflammation in my body and on some days looked about 5 months pregnant as I was having gut health issues. Everyone around me would just say that I need to accept middle age spread.

However it all changed when my mind decided to see it differently. One day we had a 60 year old yoga teacher come in to teach our class and she looked much better than me and I was 38 years old! Her body was amazing, her energy was fantastic, she was so happy, her belly was flat, and her eyes twinkled. That day changed everything for me. I realized there was hope and my life was not over. If I continued down the track I was down it only led to more pain, more unhappiness, and I made the decision that middle age spread was not going to be my pathway forward.

Because of yoga, eating well, and using doTerra essential oils I was able to loose the weight, sort out my emotions, heal my gut, and 90% of my inflammation is gone. I have increased levels of energy and feel passion, creativity, and feel great. I have a flat tummy, I feel strong core strength, as well as feel stronger emotionally that I have ever felt in my life. I now help others discover this kind empowerment.

It is my superpower to help others empower themselves with their diet, better feeling thoughts, and help people become stronger mind, body, and spirit. I run workshops twice a month, I teach Hatha Yoga Flow, Chakra Yoga, Freedom Through Movement,  I do one on one private healing sessions where I balance, clear, Chakra/energy field and help people also do this for themselves, I am also a do Terra essential oils wellness consultant, Goddess Rising and Woman’s Wisdom Circles facilitator,  and offer workshops that help empower and heal the feminine spirit.

I offer group classes and one on one appointments tailored to what each individual needs and wants from each session.

I have learned to follow my own internal navigation system and trust that what is meant to be will be and everything has its own magnificent timing.

I look forward to sharing my own particular brand of magic with you!

Love, peace, and happiness because that’s what its all about,