About Schamet Horsfield

I am an intuitive, empathetic energy healer. These are gifts I was born with, and have also spent years developing.

I firmly believe that when we can let go of the beliefs that limit us we can transform and become limitless. I also believe our greatest wounds can become our greatest strengths. I help people transform wounds into wisdom and wisdom into superpowers.

Sacred Ceremony, yoga, essential oils, psychology, chakras, energy medicine, the study of beliefs, dreams, and exploring my own spirituality has been a very important part of my journey.

I had a metamorphosis and like a caterpillar I went through my own chrysalis and become a butterfly…I came out of my cocoon and felt it was finally safe to be me. I have been flying from flower to flower ever since.

As a child I knew things that others did not. I could see beneath the veil, I could “see” into people, and I had a deep connection with God, The Universe, all things spiritual, etc  I had my big “spiritual awakening” when I was 19 years old. I was a Christian when discovered I had premonition dreams and natural psychic abilities….This led me to explore metaphysics, chakras, energy, and have been on my own healing path ever since.

It is my superpower to help others empower themselves with their diet, better feeling thoughts, letting go of limiting self beliefs, learn about their chakras, and help people become stronger mind, body, soul, and spirit. I offer one on one private healing sessions where I help balance, clear the Chakra/energy field and help people also do this for themselves.  I also offer one on one Intuitive transformational Coaching Sessions.

I have learned to follow my own internal navigation system and trust that what is meant to be will be and everything has its own magnificent timing. I help others listen to and trust their own personal guidance system. I am also a Master at Manifesting my best life and  help others know what their dreams are, move through abundance blocks, and create the life of their dreams.

I also create and facilitate,”Manifesting Your Best Life 7 Week Online Workshops, Awakening Your Sacred Centers and Journey through your Chakras 7 Week Online Programs and Retreats which will be available online very soon. I run Self love and Self Marriage Ceremonies, and well as International Sacred Ceremonies Retreats/Workshops.

My next Sacred Ceremonies Chakra Retreat  is in Bali, Indonesia next June 2021.

I look forward to working with you and helping you connect in with YOUR own unique brand of magic.

Warmly with love and blessings,

Schamet Horsfield

“Transforming wounds into wisdom and wisdom into superpowers!”