“Are you ready to let go of self limiting beliefs, align yourself to your soul path purpose, and step into your power so you can manifest your most abundant life of your dreams?”

If you are ready… I can help!”

Hello and good day.

My name is Schamet Horsfield. I am a Light Worker, Chakra Healer/Teacher, Intuitive Transformational Coach, a tree hugging passionate lover of mother earth, and a Spiritual Change Agent.

My main mission and purpose is to be the best version of myself I can be in every moment, forgive myself when I’m not, do my very best to create heaven on earth, be kind and loving, create transformational experiences, and help others manifest their most abundant life.

I feel that love, kindness, and gratitude are the most important characteristics and that all abundance mentality come from these important attributes.

I firmly believe when we heal our self, we heal the world.

I work with the Chakra system as it is a map to wholeness, healing, and a way to manifest our BEST life.

My main healing ability and gift is that I am a master at manifesting and can see and feel into the chakras/energy field.  I am able to see what is holding a person back from living their best life and I know how to see into what might be abundance blocks and/or a persons blind spots. The first step to change is, awareness. I was born with psychic abilities and have been developing them for over 20 years.

“I help people turn their wounds into wisdom and wisdom into superpowers”. 

I believe everything happens for a reason and that our greatest pain, tragedy, and challenges “can be” our greatest strengths. I firmly believe our fate is what we make. And I help people step into the drivers seat of their lives.

My joy and love is in the transformational process. Like an alchemist turning base metal into gold…. That is what I strive to do in my own life and in the lives I touch…

I love stories and analogies…as I feel it is through storytelling that we can find pearls of wisdom that transform our beliefs…and ultimately transform our lives.

The diamond starts out as a piece of coal….but under tremendous pressure it turns into a diamond. I believe we are all potential “diamonds in the rough”. We are all multi faceted, and have the natural ability to be like the diamond,  sparkling bright with our own innate light. I help people discover their own magnificence, and embrace all their facets, so the light within can shine bright.  I help people know that they are that diamond, and that they can embrace all facets of who they are.

I also love the analogy of the Metamorphosis….of the butterfly.

I help others discover that they are like the butterfly ready to emerge from the cocoon and live their most abundant life of their dreams.

Are you ready to be tapped in, tuned in, turned on, chakras aligned?

If the answer is yes then I look forward to working with you.

with love, kindness and authenticity,

Schamet Horsfield

Hover Box Element

What a truly transformative weekend. Schamet is so knowledgeable. Her passion to share all this knowledge with her students is powerful.~Elizabeth Marshall Chef

Schamet is  a genuinely connected intuitive healer.

I feel great after a private session with her and have learned sooo much in her circles and courses.

For a warm, loving and powerful experience, I recommend Schamet without reservation.

~Calli Veludos Teacher in Wellington, New Zealand

Testimonial Reviews

Jane Carey

Warriror Goddess and Carer of Souls

My Chakra healing with Schamet was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life so far..she is a truly wonderful soul..i was swept along on a journey of love and acceptance...my mind was cleared..i was grounded and lifted to a calm place and this amazing woman fixed my broken wings and inspired me to be strong..the healing room has one of the best backdrops of the Wellington coastline...I recommend this to everybody..the best spiritual counselling you will ever have..Thankyou for sharing your special powers with me..blessed be xx💟💟

Heather Main


“Schamet is an inspiration! After only the first base chakra session out of seven with Schamet, I have been inspired by her teaching and example to take control of my health and make healthy choices to improve my body. A month on from that 1st class, I am now feeling so much better. I have zest and energy I had forgotten I ever had, I have lost both my ravenous hunger and 8 KGS! I am going from strength to strength with Schamet by my side.

Maria Davey

Manages AIO Counselling

I was blessed to be able to receive a Chakra healing session from Schamet Horsfield. She is truly a devine Goddess and provided me with insight and compassionate understanding in a loving, honouring space. The healing I received was much more than expected - it was a bouquet of loveliness! With psychic guidance, an exploration of my chakras revealing my strengths and providing practical dietary guidance to allow my solar plexis chakra to shine. I knew I needed this healing and look forward to attending more workshops guided by Schamet Horsfield. I highly recommend her workshops and healing sessions

Maria Walker


I know Schmet from the self love ceremony I did last year. She is a true goddess and able to inspire that power in others with a sprinkle of magic, a dash of intuition, an endless supply of wisdom of shaman and ancient healers and dollops of grace and the inner light and that radiance of the moon. I would highly recommend her and the women around her.

Millie Forsyth

Massage Therapist

Every group I've attended is bags of fun. Full of wisdom and beautiful uplifting energy. Schamet is a wonderful sparkly diamond and an absolute pro at creating a magical setting. Many thanks for all xo

Briar Carter

Animal Homeopathy

After my healing with Schamet today I felt so much lighter, more empowered, positive and hopeful. This was more than your average healing, Schamet listened, gave great advice, did a beautiful healing using crystal bowls, she connected with my situation and gave me some useful insights, everything she said really resonated with me and I now have a new fresh outlook. Schamet is a beautiful, wise goddess and this healing session was just what I needed. Thanks so much.x

Sarah Birtwistle

Youth Counselor

I’ve attended Schamet’s Women’s Wisdom workshops and have had the pleasure of attending her Manifesting Abundance through the Chakras course. I’ve always felt really safe, empowered and positively challenged by her beautiful facilitation. I came across Schamet and her services at the perfect time when I was needing to connect with myself more and grow as a person. I couldn’t recommend Schamet enough, a beautiful healer with oodles of experience and wisdom to share

Rebecca Baddeley

Intimacy Coach

I highly recommend working with Schamet. I have been to her beautiful Cacao Ceremony's, her one on one Chakra healing session and also her 7 week Manifesting Your Dream through the Chakras. Through the 7 week Chakra workshop Schamet supported me, shared her wisdom, helped me feel more powerful and confident in who I am. I felt like I was in the right place. There is no judgment on who you are when you are in Schamet's presence. It is a beautiful safe place to be. She is a goddess, healing and teacher. I'm so grateful that I found her online and got the chance to attend her workshops/circles.

Irena Stenner

Art Therapist

Schamet brings passion, knowledge and heart to her work. I have done her chakra yoga classes and really enjoyed the yoga and the beautiful space Schamet creates. Schamet has also helped me to shift perspective on a long standing issue in a private Chakra healing session - and - I learned how to make chocolates and use essential oils from her as well! Thanks Schamet for bringing this beautiful combination of mind, body, spirit work to us!

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